Activities & Programmes

Hold Webinars, seminars, workshops, panel discussion, brainstorming sessions on topics of strategic importance to agriculture sector

IMAT organizes free weekly webinars on topics of strategic importance in agriculture sector for stake holders and posts summary proceedings on website for access to stake holders. IMAT also organize panel discussion and brainstorming sessions on of strategic technological and policy issues in agriculture sector. Seminars and workshops are frequently organized for stake holders in collaboration with State Agricultural Universities, Line departments, NGO’s and Private organizations.

Bring out publications like newsletter, policy briefs, policy papers, special books useful to members and stakeholders

IMAT publication committee regularly publishes a newsletter for communication of activities to members and public. IMAT based on outcome of webinars, brain storming and panel discussion publishes policy papers and policy briefs for wide circulation to policy makers. IMAT also other useful publications like technical bulletins and information bulletins posted on website for benefit of stake holders. Special books based on various topics of strategic importance for agriculture sector in the state are published frequently.

Participate in the development of perspective plan for agriculture education, research and policy reforms as and when required

Agriculture education in the state has grown faster since last two decades and demand for is growing, IMAT proactively supports stake holders in preparation of perspective plan for agriculture education, curricula upgradation and research in the state from time to time. IMAT members also participate in development of state agriculture policy from time to time and suggest reforms in the sector proactively.

Develop partnership with knowledge centers in the state and network with the related state and central government agencies

Maharashtra has four agricultural universities, one animal and fishery Sciences University and large number of ICAR institutions, state and central organizations in the state. IMAT works on developing partnership in research, academics and training activities with these organizations for common goal to reach out to stake holders.

Organize career development workshops for student members

IMAT has opened a membership for students of agricultural universities and organizes special programs for students regularly for special guidance on career development. Students are guided to setup agro-based industries and mentored in Start Up’s. Regular student webinars and workshops for students are organized in collaboration with SAU’s and other partner organizations on special topics of interests to students.

Organize special programs for Life members and associate members for their professional and business growth

Life membership and Associate membership of IMAT is growing rapidly with members from all agriculture allied sectors showing interest in active participation in different programs. IMAT enlists interests of individual members and organizes a special interest programs on agriculture activities where large number of members can contribute and benefit.

Provide specialized consultancy services to public and private sector organizations in agriculture sector

IMAT also provides a specialized consultancy services to public and private sector organizations engaged in agriculture sector. IMAT has enlisted the panel of experts in almost all important disciplines of agriculture sector and assigns jobs to different panels based on topics of consultancy as per client need.

Organize capacity building programs for startups, FPO’s, farmers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders

Capacity building of stake holders is one of the important activities. IMAT organizes regular programs for Start Ups, FPO executives, Agri-entrepreneurs, farmers and other stake holders in collaboration with partner organizations like SAU’s, Line departments, NGO’s and Industries.

Organize Agri-business guidance workshops for benefit of the budding entrepreneurs

IMAT also has a strong stake in budding entrepreneurs in agriculture sector. Specially tuned agri-business workshops are planned and organized for different groups with experts panel of IMAT provide in depth guidance to budding entrepreneurs to build their confidence.